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I Don't Care

Mercilessly nails driven into hands
To become a prophet of someone else's dreams
Pile up twice more anger than before
So that veins scream with pulse
Toss and turn, delirious
Knowing dry dogmas of truths
Lock it all up inside
Kiss empty platforms
You will not come to me on my life
So be it

Paint walls with my scream
Cover my eyes with black world
Open my wrists again and again
With a talentless song, like a razor
Speak only in dreams, with you
Cling to lips in a kiss
Be burned by poisonous heat
Marvel at factory pipes behind the window
There is no one to hear my scream
As if I care

A key in hand to every mystery in the world
Is a harsh white light
I saw a dream, carried in a black bag
Down the stairs was a dead summer

Somewhere it was, a transparent city,
Street lamps in a soft mist
Eerie cold freezes veins
I kiss my reflection
Black sun behind a window
And I don't care

I don't care

The Game

Metallic sky over glass houses
From dusk till dawn drunk on crazy dreams
Useless toys of feelings, dreams, desires
Life is trap, and so is death, what will happen to us next
Mines are placed on the paths between strange worlds
Living is like stomping on the field, what will happen to us next
Grieve, and speak, and pull a rope,
And weave threads from springs, and strive for anything,
What for?
We can't be like humans
World is twisted
And won't be straightened,
It is time
Stars bend under foot
Everything is a game
Stop being so serious

Crippled sky over lifeless houses
Victory day comes, silence all around
Sounds of planes stopped, shooting isn't heard anymore
And nobody looks how you walk, how you breath
Behind foreign poles, behind cold eyes,
Behind ninth clouds, behind burnt forests
What awaits us, what will happen, what should we fear
We are not animals, we are not humans, why stay here
What for?
We won't be accepted here
World is twisted
But we can't twist ourselves
It is time
Air bends under foot
Everything is a game
Stop being so serious

Metallic sky over rotten sails
Behind melt-down sunrise, behind burnt forests
Nothing will happen to us, nothing to fear
We are not animals and not humans, so why stay here
What for

Cease fire

cease fire, turn off the war
the world is tired of drowning in blood
thousands years of death, thousands years of enemies
thousands years of gods, thousand years of slaves
cease fire, arrange silence
the world is tired of drowning in voices
our concrete paradise, plastic laughter
make is so that there is enough wind for everyone

cease fire, crush the bullet
the sky would sway in a cup of gravity waves
lighthouse of silence would ring in silence
something is wrong here, something is wrong
something is unusual, not like always
water runs upwards in rains
stars shine in bright daylight
people of earth are tired of fighting

cease fire, turn off trouble
gods will not come down from the skies
won't fix everything we have done
cease war, enough of war
cease fire, turn off radio
listen to stunned silence of the world
stars shine in bright daylight
nobody needs to die anymore

cease fire, you can do everything
no one else can save us from ourselves
our iron age dried out the hears
thousands years of fighting, death without end
endless fight, inconsolable cries
turn it all the f**k off, the world is so twisted
cease fire, straighten corners,
change all the game rules


cold rivers flow
flow through warm dreams
along white paths of spring
humans walk towards light
humans walk towards light
counting dark days
and falling asleep alone
and the wind is rising
and the wind is rising
and the rain starts
underground rye is crawling
growing all over the world
growing all over the world
sore of war bleeds
and the days are numbered
and the snow is just like ash
and the snow is just like ash
over the black houses
and we wander in the darkness
on the useless planet
on the useless planet
humans walk towards light
cold rivers flow
nobody remembers about death
nobody remembers about death
nobody remembers about life
cold thoughts flow
tired children crawl
tired children crawl
through fields of old battles
from death to rebirth
and the wind is rising
and the wind is rising
and my head is empty
foreign mysteries and feelings
on the endless planet

on the endless planed
on the useless planet
unneeded children grow
tired children crawl
and snow is just like ash
on the endless planet
nobody remembers about death
and the wind is rising

Stay here

cast-iron wind flogs our dreams
carries around the ashes of collapsed spring
like ashes in hands, like a new war
this pain won't touch me anymore
sky is powerless, god is tired and sleeps
cast-iron wind has crashed granite
stars have fallen, the world almost disappeared
it's not too late yet
stay here

it's not too late yet, tell me yes
stars have exploded, water is boiling
cast-iron wind eats away the night
and there's no help in the whole world
in the whole world there is only emptiness
cast-iron wind howls in the wires
freezing air like acid in the chest
it's not too late yet
don't leave

there is time still to stop everything
to crash walls, to split granite
there is time still to become more transparent than ice
paint wicked cities white
cast-iron wind flogs our dreams
carries around the ashes of dead spring
howls madly, full of emptiness
this pain won't touch me anymore

these colds won't strangle us
cast-iron wind cuts the wires
carries the planet through the night shadow
forget it
here will be day
the sky has frozen, leaves have lost color
cast-iron wind bites into metal
stars have exploded into new war
it's not too late yet
stay with me

Where you are not needed

high-rises of reinforced concrete
lure children to their roofs
it's too dull down below, scary up high,
empty among people
on thin wrists they will paint
new rivers for fate
fresh pain with a tinge of happiness,
eternal question, where are you

answers to these riddles are known,
the world has cracked them long ago
there, where there is always summer,
there, where it is always warm,
there, where from the patterns of new constellations
stars look into the sea
and revel in salt-filled abyss
there, where you are not needed

where you are not needed, it is the best place
where you are not needed, silence can be kept,
and nothing needs to be remembered
it's easy to just breath
where you are not needed, the dreams are calm
where you are not needed, there is not inner trembling
and there is no need to wait for everyday war
it's easy to just live

on the asphalt paths of stone jungle
somebody eats someone
find my secrets in google sometime
(the net never lies)
you will find out where they disappear from here,
people like me,
when minutes, seconds run out
there, where you are not needed

Crawl, snail

crawl, snail, up Fuji slope
the road is eternal and won't let you go
while city below displays like a whore
crawl, snail, crawl to sun itself
crawl over stones, over thin grass
even as city breathes poison below
even if there is no air on top,
you will have time to see the stars

crawl, snail, even if it's hard
over the snow of dreadful Chomolungma
here everything freezes and falls asleep,
here snow never melts, here ice never melts
as humans strive for sky beside you,
strive for sky too, even if it kills
for how can one live without dreams?
crawl, snail, crawl after mystery

crawl, snail, beyond all borders
to learn all that is not even dreamt of,
behind the corner the cosmos will swing,
and you'll have time to see the stars

The Ballad Of The Lost

I'm trying to understand why
I don't remember the color of your eyes
Today I paint war
Killing us inside myself
Who will you teach now
When you've given it all to me?
Today, I'm trying to grasp
Algorithm of creating shadows

I'm trying to learn today
How to stay alive for another hour
You taught me to give
But I can't remember the meaning of your words
This world is so much like a jail
Planet Earth is endless
Today, I'm playing war
I'm killing you in me

You know, it's cold for me, living,
Speaking, smiling, keeping silence
Today, I'm learning to not love
Today, I'm learning to not scream
Loneliness is eternal salt
I don't remember how your eyes shine
You taught me that our pain
Is all that we have

Speak, don't be silent, I'm afraid
To stay in my own emptiness
I'm learning immortality today,
Taking your death for myself
There is broken ice in my veins
And it's so painful it is funny
You taught me it will pass...
Oh, look - it didn't.

I'm trying to understand why
I don't remember the color of your eyes
Today, I'm playing war
Killing us inside myself
Loneliness is eternal salt
Planet Earth is endless
I take your pain upon myself,
I'm killing myself in you


they will dissect you, solve all your misteries
killer's name is under laura palmer's nails

they will dissect you, extract all your secrets
everything you've hidden and forgotten

they'll get into your head, will shake out all your thoughts
you will become the most valuable to them
the closest

they'll step into your shoes, will try your life on
will see you when waking up and falling asleep

they'll say that you are their goddess from now on
because you are dead now, and thus you can be with them

they'll get inside you and take all your riddles
only when you are dead you can become sweet for them

they will love, perversely and very strangely
killers' name can be googled by "laura palmer"

they will dissect you, and film it all on hundreds of cameras
killers' name is in laura palmer's diary

killers' name is under laura palmer's nails

The war

The war  for resources, the war for souls,
The war for places of better life
The war of sexes, the war of ideas
The war  of conservatives, the war of whores

The war  of logos, the war of corporations
With soundtrack of static on cops' radios
The war of state and people
The war  for air, the war for water

The war

The war  for the land, the war for the sky
Not for happiness, not for victory
The war of interests, the war of informations
Sharp march of militant demonstrations

The war for women, the war for men
The war of beliefs, the war of reasons
The war of religions, the war of gods
Everyone has the same red blood

The war

The war of parents, the war of neighbors,
Even children take part in the war
The war of young ones, the war of elders
The war because of actions, the war because of words

The war for square meters of living space
With sorrowful faces, the whole world is at war
Waving good-byes to those leaving for fight
Day and night, the war with yourself

The war

He comes

and from darkness here comes
someone looking like you
watches silently, doesn't speak
and it hurts, burns inside
he's dressed in black, he half-exists
as if here and there at the same time
he knows everything about the world of battles
and he hurts inside, too

he comes from the world of dreams
and brings owls with him
that are not what we see them for
which means we are doomed
he's silent, no sound comes,
just feathers fall from his hands
he stole your face
dreams close in circle

he comes and just waits
for something to happen
anything, he doesn't care
for example, when we start killing
he comes, dry, mute and pale
he comes, and you didn't have enough time
to tell me all your secrets
about upcoming cold war

he comes, and the thread snaps
without which love is impossible,
he consumes all your words
and it leads to fierce headache
he comes with your face
and dreams close in circle
the train will go off the rails, and
the wires will sing in a thousand notes

he comes, but the day is over
maybe, everything can be alright
you just need to not look him in the eyes
when he starts singing

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