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intoxication translate

Landscape of apocalypse

...silence in telephone wires
unidentified fear
of larger rooms
immobility without sleep
I have frozen alone
in this abyss

...dreams not finished off
grey ashes
feeling of spring
from the wind inside
I open my eyes
and see Eternity
skies below me
above me - infinity

The Sky

Unforgiven, sky is melting
Becoming waves, un-poisoned
Not breaking, not crumbling
Pouring out rain for those who pray
Those who guessed the omen dreams,
Those have peeked beyond timelessness
In my hands your dream sleeps
Thin candle dying out in the winds

Unquenchable, sky bares teeth
To become winters, to fall down
Chill of calm, reality of soundlessness
If we go into light, we'll be tortured to death
Handing from the cross, desperately
Singing of sunrise, like Cain
Leaving and knowing there is no way back
Dead eyes shining like stars

Predictions lie shamelessly
Your knowledge will become pride
You were looking for yourself, but found me
People sit by windows, gazing into night
We will split the world, break it apart
Wind is white and cold, sunrise is late
Ashes of cities on your hands,
Blood cooling down in front of my eyes.

Something is going on

Something is going on with me
My skin smells of wax and decay
The sky above my head
Looks like kissel gone sour
People suffer counting days
Years and years life is like a curse
But as soon as we are alone,
I'll put on the red dress

Something is going on with me
Asphalt melting beneath my feet
Pain is sticky and think in my veins
That I cannot speak of aloud
Something is going on right now
Like my heart will crack in my chest
Can't remember where to find us
I am burning forgotten songs


No forgetting the name, no knowing the time
Who has seen me has made me,
Who accepted me understands me
Look, my heart is cooling down in my hands
No daring to cry, no taking off masks
Drinking fear tincture, not wanting the tales
Hello my sun, better off without you,
Cold comes with return of

Heart keeps beating behind my ribs
I can't run from you, my sun
His fingers hold the current of my life,
And I want to remain in these rainy dreams,
Embracing the sky, drinking fear tincture
Icy wind cuts deep, don't you dare to cry
God inside laughs, you didn't answer me
Rainbow explodes out of

Look, colored beads go into veins
Knocking on walls if the door won't open
Your truths taste like dry dust
Can you hear a gunshot? It's me being killed again
Speak, lay your charms on my soul,
So that it's filled with screams
Of all my songs, my children
Split in two will be

I'm your joy, yet won't happen with you
Won't be yours, not you I'll forget
With blackness in my heart the god inside laughs
I can't run from you, my sun
Tears are acid, dissolving skin
Drink fear tincture if pain becomes too much
What do we have left when everithing is dull
Exploding from inside is


Black tales, melted masks
Wax dolls, shabby boards
Scenes of hell, limp clay
I intoxication
Sharp stars, brain impotence
Heaven a razor's edge under feet
Irreplaceable, all shots miss
I penetration

City without light, dreams without answer
Black and white current through the veins
What looks eternal is so fleeting
I radiation
Cutting my fingers just so not to touch
What was broken and forgotten
Minutes explode, and it's almost like
I desperation


Spiced loneliness. broken heart
Closed doors, meaningless faith
Everyone dies, all around
I intoxication
Hands are cold, bridges burned, and
One breathing in sync feels closer
Yet still can't reach, and wake up, shivering
I desperation
Easy, it won't hurt
Breathing death, made-up god
Deserted world, collapsed apartments
I radiation
Salt under tongue, wisdom from books
Bayonet, holocaust, rain of tears
Wounds and pain the last war
I penetration

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