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I Can't Smile translate

I can't smile

From somebody's lips, from somebody's hands
From somebody's eyes comes a collection of tortures
Stand side by side, look face to face
Burn, maybe
Maybe, sing

From my tears, from my dreams
From my fears comes a collection of words
Who am I, having lost all life?
Up, maybe
Maybe, down

Without hopes like without clothes,
Nothing to cover yourself
Nothing to cling to
Nothing to get warm
Again there's nobody to call for
Meaning, nobody to wait for
I can't smile

From foreign walls, from foreign lands
From foreign speech comes a collection of wounds
I'm burning out like a cheap candle
Little light,
But hot at least

From my thoughts, from my springs
From my pain comes a collection of songs
Hello, love, I'm not who I am
Not there, maybe,
But not here either

In darkness and emptiness
There's no need to hide
Nothing to cling to,
Nothing to get warm
If there's nobody to call for,
Then there's nobody to wait for

I can't smile
Don't want to smile
Hate to smile

Suicide of soul

Sharp tenderness, on the verge of a hit
Everything is cut by brittle dreams
Along lonely and empty streets
The wind carries me over asphalt
Eyelids are cut through by harsh ice
But fathomless eyes won't see
Thin arms - red streams
And no way back

Suicide of the soul
For loved and eternal ones
On my spread arms
The snow would grow
Suicide of the soul
Towards you
A flap of torn wings
Wind in response

Killers prepare traps for themselves
Victims sleep unconcerned
I build a city for you out of myself
That would have more than enough room
Can you see light in my hands
A new sun for a new sky
What your answer would be, yes or no?
Burning light eats away my hands

And silence buries in leaves
White flesh, opened eyes
Underwater dreams, lost fight
You can prevent, if you want

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