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Evolution Translate

Orientation: North

Dreams are sun-bleached
Endless desert
Life from peace till war
I'm not with them
Contaminated dew
In the lands of black faithlessness
I hear voices of the shadow
"Orientation: North"

The Earth lies barren
Ashes breathing under feet
Turning into humus
Used to be you
Hello, new spring
Doors rattle in the wind
In dreams, someone is saying
"Orientation: North"

Turning into shadows
We reject horrors of flesh
The world of steel and stone
Is not for us, so we're leaving
I will take you to the place
Where animals can talk
We're leaving cities
Orientation: North

Can you hear the water calling
Orientation: North

We are never coming back
Orientation: North

I can't smile

From somebody's lips, from somebody's hands
From somebody's eyes comes a collection of tortures
Stand side by side, look face to face
Burn, maybe
Maybe, sing

From my tears, from my dreams
From my fears comes a collection of words
Who am I, having lost all life?
Up, maybe
Maybe, down

Without hopes like without clothes,
Nothing to cover yourself
Nothing to cling to
Nothing to get warm
Again there's nobody to call for
Meaning, nobody to wait for
I can't smile

From foreign walls, from foreign lands
From foreign speech comes a collection of wounds
I'm burning out like a cheap candle
Little light,
But hot at least

From my thoughts, from my springs
From my pain comes a collection of songs
Hello, love, I'm not who I am
Not there, maybe,
But not here either

In darkness and emptiness
There's no need to hide
Nothing to cling to,
Nothing to get warm
If there's nobody to call for,
Then there's nobody to wait for

I can't smile
Don't want to smile
Hate to smile


break out from the cage of body
become freer than the wind
know and remember everything
crash limits with myself
touch whoever I want
lose myself in bird's feathers
never come back
forget about days and nights

twisted thoughts
thankful embrace
the wound of grace
would be close to fatal
let me go, I am so tired
don't look at me with hope
I don't want things like they were
being human not enough

shreds of sky in my mind
sun will set into my hands
as soon as I'm buried
I'll sprout as wheat
my unlucky ticket
ausweis to foreign lands
I'll remain on the screens
perfect and beautiful

I don't believe it possible
for anyone to save me
dying is a torture
and living is even more troubled
I caught cold while walking
barefoot along the borders
between heaven, between hell
swaying to every side

black field, white ash
the face taken off and thrown away
I don't want to be a nice doll
I want to fly around the world
stores, crossings, people, buildings
bring me too much pain
either let me go
or hold me tighter

Black and white

Black and white people
Black and white feelings
Black and white sky
Quiet and empty sky
For black and white dish
Black and white pepper
Black and white thoughts
Black and white heart

Infinity doesn't hurt
Serenity doesn't remember
Black and white stars
In black and white hands
A collection of broken lines
I'll become someday
Black and white road
To black and white lands

Unable to stay, unable to survive
Become emptiness
Anyway, this life
I'm not worth an hour of
Thermonuclear cold
Eats away from inside
I'd like to live forever
But that's impossible

Black and white sparks
Of black and white fires
Technologies of insanity
Factories of catastrophes
Sex and death are an eternal symbol
Of black and white sleep
Black and white autumn
Is spring just for a second.


Silence's names
Crazy war's dreams
In the cities with no end
I wander, faceless

Loneliness' net
Can't love, but can sing
Disappear without trace
Endlessly in cities

Twisted days
Stumps where forests were
Grass cuts like knife
No salvation, no escape

Poisonous dew
Empty eyes
I'm alien, I'm not here
I can't remember who I am

Pulse of weakening hearts
On all roads there are detours
Love like radiation
Contaminates blood in veins

Opium of incomprehensible dreams
Extract of child's tears
All the length of wires
Can't carry words in it

Oh, what a brave new world
Holes of abandoned houses
Flowers grow through asphalt
Into the infinity of emptiness

Rust eats everything
And then wind carries it away
Poisonous dew
Into empty eyes

Silence's names
Crazy war's dreams
In the cities with no end
I wander, faceless

We will be free

Fingers torn, nerves cut
Don't be afraid, you won't be the first
To be left skinless by my tenderness
Serenity is a gloom and caution is a dream
Hands on pulse point, melodies of delirium
You want to return, but dream of something else
There is poison instead of blood, mysteries are over
There is no happiness, no pain, just randomness

Sleepless till dawn, cutting open the wounds
You know that I became war
Neutron bomb of alien spells
Illusions will burst and secrets will be no more
I can't hold back, breaking and twisting
I'll try to be left skinless
Catch wind with my body, feed on love
There is only the two of us in the whole world

Fear of collision, exploding as supernova
Just an illusion, and the city is crumbling
Sinking like some alien Atlantis
We will be free -
We will be killed

Lyrics and music by V. Mel'nik (Kilometers of emptiness)

Flown away, flown away
Have the ships
Wounds are bleeding, wounds are bleeding,
Oh, don't look
Smoke in the sky, smoke under sky
And over land
Smoke from the heart, fear seizes
Oh, don't look

White tablecloth, like milk
And the heart is light
Gearing for battle was
The callow army

Cross over heart, cross at heart
Help to strike with a sword
Running fast, running fierce
I forget everything

White tablecloth, like milk
Lies lightly over land
Gearing for battle was
The wet-nosed army

I hate white color

Needles piercing thin skin
Dreams full of electric current
If you are not careful,
Then you are lonely
If there are bars on windows,
Then the random game was played
If the city is wet,
Then there are no more mysteries
And I am not beside you

I hate white color

Sun burns bodies
Pavements melt
If pain doesn't help,
Then there's not enough of it,
Then the heart is not beating
Then it is a wrong planet
If you can't get warm,
Why wait for sunrise?
And every night dreams are gibberish

I hate white color

Arms bloom in pattern
Of stab wounds and scars
Summer will end soon
I will become your shadow
The world is dark and stifling
Everything is built on blood
I'm selling my soul
For a drop of your Love
And the remnants of planets are cooling down

I hate white color

I miss

I miss your revelations
I'm suffocating without sensations
Sky is rushing towards me, closer and closer
I see thousands faces in its depth

Thousands of eyes look into my soul
Thousands of faces want to listen to me
While I want to fall silent and commit to memory
All lines on you warm palm
Hello, we will become alive again
Sky rests on roofs, people under them
Wander aimlessly, with no meaning, without map
Knowing the coordinates of light
Shadows cross the plane of the world,
You miss my revelations
Sky is rushing towards me, and again
It hurts to be hit in the face

I miss your looks
I want to be with you again
Amidst sirens' wails, in the endless crowd
I want to reach you somehow
I want to know all your secrets
I want to be strange and defenseless
To tear masks off with skin itself
To be unlike everyone else
The city stands in the marsh for three hundred years
People come and leave it
I want to grow into ground like a black fir
I miss your revelations
I miss the warmth of your thoughts
New light, unknown meanings
Time runs deafeningly fast
If you take my hand, sparks will fly

I miss your revelations
I'm suffocating without sensations
Sky is rushing towards me, and again
It hurts to be hit in the face

Come with me

autumn creeps quietly
carrying death in her hands
leaves and grass are afraid
to look her in the eye
I listen to wind's whispers
rain is murmuring something
I can't find the answer
that you are waiting for me somewhere

here are endless distances
here is blue stream
where we were looking for summer
there are now veins of roads
cars creep along them
filled with emptiness
I walk along the roadside
come with me

come with me
afraid to look
each other in the eyes
white line disappears in the distance
come with me
afraid to allow
hands to touch
white line disappears in the fog

and now its on the doorstep,
the grey shroud
in which there is lurking
the world war
sky is glowing with poison
overflowing with emptiness
I walk along roadside somewhere
come with me

come with me
afraid to look
each other in the eyes
white line disappears in the distance
come with me
afraid to allow
hands to touch
white line disappears in the fog

The Spring (for k07)

Crazy birds head south
crazy dreams tear through mind
I don't open the door to strangers knocking
Even if this knocking is just from passing trains
Trains have ruled the land into a patchwork
Sewing it here and  there with a thread of delirium
I stand at the door, hoping it might be you
Knocking, having returned from strange lands

Crazy birds want to go home
Crazy days tore apart the dream
I'm fed up with foreign war
And I sang in unison with the dead
Trains are canceled, spring isn't coming
Threads of delirium grow like mold in the corners
Undead moon casts whitish light through windows
You knock on my door having returned from strange lands

How you will laugh when I tell you
That I carried all words and dreams beside my heart
I don't ask anyone for anything now
I stand at the door, hoping you are behind it

Don't tell anyone

and don't tell anyone
how melancholy lives inside
how it rustles in your chest
and when the sun rises
you will understand there is no death
and only time flies by
heaven is lurking behind the corner
in the rustle of feathers from flocks of birds
in the white cloud of pre-dawn silence
and don't tell anyone
how inside there is growing
sensation of foreboding war

and trust no one
the things that threaten to overflow,
your secrets and intricate dreams
the world of craziest wonders
the world of childhood hasn't disappeared
but it will when the spring comes
and don't tell anyone
how something trembles inside
as if wishing to snap and freeze
hell is lurking behind the corner
but there is no turn beck
the way is cut of and the bridges burned

and nobody needs to know
that you can fly
you can listen to thoughts of cities
the world of illusions,, the world of wonders
the world of childhood hasn't disappeared
it carries with it both horrors and love
and don't tell anyone
that inside you there is me
coming alive with new moon
and nobody needs to know
that we are not going to die
when the foreboding of war comes true

and don't tell anyone
that inside you there is me

Lyrics and music: Lirria

with open eyes I dream
in a constant dream you dance
touching me gently with unexpected silence
you disappear, leaving only pain

there where dreams are
you are there too
wishes of mind, flowers of heart
silent fire
agony of dream
you are everywhere where I am alone

my tears are lava turning everything to ashes
and love flows inside me like radiation
but loving apocalypse in your eyes
I'm afraid to open up and scare you,
so I hide in coldness of sleep


When cold winter comes
and snow falls
Sun and Moon would explode
and time would
slow its flow for one night
and we will be able to run away
when winter comes
and there'll be no time for sleep

when frozen water in hands
is not colder
than endless trouble
we should run
we wouldn't be too late
to chase away the shining death
and laugh and know
she will come again

when times get mixed up
with voices
silence rises from ashes
and looks you in the eye
don't be afraid to talk to it
it won't be able to kill us
but it knows ways of mysteries
that we'll be able to walk

when fruitless spring comes
snow would melt
new war will happen
and time would
start again and to the end
erasing youth from faces
it would run
and we won't be able to hinder it

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